E-Tech Celebrating “Year of Pig” with clients.

“Out” went the Dog and “In” came the Pig as E-TECH welcome the Lunar New Year 2019.  As in previous years, E-TECH invited clients to partake in the well-loved and customary “LO HEI” or commonly known as “YU SHENG” which is Tossing of Raw Fish Salad for  abundance of Good Luck and a Bountiful year of Harvest.

This year, our Lunar New Year celebration took place on 18 February 2019 at Ban Heng@Harbourfront Restaurant where guests were treated to an 8-course sumptuous Chinese lunch featuring all the auspicious fare to spread greater cheer and marking the advent of yet another year of prosperity.

The traditional “Yu Sheng” was served to some 50 guests amidst peels of laughter, cheers and battering of auspicious Chinese idioms and phrases. Our newly produced Corporate Video was presented after which our Founder/Mentor Mr. Victor Teo took the opportunity to give a short speech in Mandarin to thank all clients for their unwavering support over the years. He also expressed appreciation to the second generation management team for their contribution towards E-TECH’s success and prosperity.

The function ended on a high note when the jubilant clients marched out of the restaurant, each carrying a Red goodie bag filled with two lucky Mandarin oranges.