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(Infrastructure Development Projects)

E-TECH has come a long way from the early days when we only focused on M&E works. We did what we knew best then and have thrived in the first two decades. But as business trends changed with technology advancement and digitalization, E-TECH realized the need to innovate to accelerate our growth potential. The way forward is to diversify and seek new business opportunities, especially now in times of adversities.

The learning curve seemed daunting at the start but our courage and conviction progress became the driving force to pursue our dreams. The second generation    had the blessing of the Founder to explore beyond the boundaries of the traditional M&E sphere and over time, enough domain knowledge and confidence were built to expand in the new business areas.

Apart from bringing in experienced people, our own team learnt on the job and quickly grasped the new skills to take on more lucrative Infrastructure Projects. Where necessary, we engage business partners or form consortium to head and front projects. This helps to elevate the E-TECH brand name and re-affirm our presence in these new markets.

E-TECH has successfully completed many cable laying contracts for International brands’ Data Centres and major infrastructure installations. Our recent clients include CitiBank which opens doors for our foray into financial institutions. We have also done works for OCBC Bank, resulting in more jobs from this important customer. We have also penetrated into government-linked markets like Ministry of Health, Singapore Land Authority (SLA) , SMRT, amongst others.

We will continue to grow this “Special Projects” sector and find a foothold in serving this industry. In the past, we only concentrated on providing maintenance and rejuvenation works for completed or old buildings. For the longer term, it is also E-TECH’s aim to ultimately provide services on the construction of new buildings. We have started to aggressively collaborate with consultants, engineers and architects with the hope of capturing a slice of the burgeoning construction business.





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