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E-TECH Building Services Pte Ltd (E-TECH) commenced operations in 1990 and grew from a modest building service company into a full-fledged and integrated Mechanical & Electrical engineering service provider whose services range from all aspects of M&E work for residential & commercial buildings and industrial installations. Powered by more than 150 full time employees, our team is experienced in identifying and applying effective solutions and applications, helping to mitigate clients’ down-time and minimize inconvenience and disruption to business operations.

Our forte, at the negotiating state and there-after, is in providing consultancy & advice and translating them into customized solutions for our customers who have high expectations for quality service delivery. At the root of our state-of-the-art prowess is our capability in handling top-scale special projects and niche-market mechanical & engineering projects of all sizes and scale.

To render prompt, efficient and seamless service, our team of multi-disciplinary engineers and technicians are always on hand to provide solutions that add value to our clients’ needs. This includes :



Striving For Unequalled service Competence

Our mission is to focus on setting top-class standards in our business pursuits. We will tirelessly strive to be a top service provider and system integrator of choice, to meet the exacting demands of the challenging business world today. We promise every project handled will be accomplished with an unparalleled package of service excellence.

Here at E-Tech , we believe in total flexibility, responsiveness and we strive hard to provide our customers with the most professional and cost effective solutions. As our valued customers, we promise you will experience excellent service, coupled with the highest professionalism in the trade.

Our visions remain the same as we expand and grow. We will endeavor to :

Offer the best solutions and greatest confidence to our clients

Provide personal & professional growth opportunities for our staff

Go beyond our clients’ expectations in every business deal

Gear our people to focus on service quality and customer satisfaction as a way of life

We will seek to generate profits and adequate earnings growth to support our operations, fund further developments, sustain service quality and reward staff and shareholders.

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