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Our Differentiation

Over the years we have built our success based on reputation and quality in all areas of our work. The fact that many of our clients are repeat customers (or new clients recommended by existing clients) is a testimony of our commitment and dedication to our service delivery. Our capacity to take on new tasks requires by our client gives our client the confidence to support them when they needed us.

The driving force behind E-Tech building Services is the combined strength of different skills and experiences of our team of engineers and technicians. In our line of business, “We are very hands-on”. It is our motto “Yes, we will do it”, coupled with our experience and technical know-how that our people go all the way to get things done. We also take time to understand our Clients’ needs and budgets. Our mission is to service clients with complete responsiveness, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

We believe that only the best deliver the best. So our recruitment process is intense and thorough to ensure that only the best are selected to join E-Tech. People with the right work attitude and experience.

We will strive to be a respected M&E Service provider of choice and meet our Clients’ special and specific needs…with an unequalled level of competence.


Today, E-Tech has a multitude of service offering. We have gone beyond M&E work to a full scale of related work like building upgrading and painting to provide our client a one stop service. Staying ahead of competition by providing a total solution and administering our operation to perform different scale of project, big or small.



Quality & Satisfaction Assurance

To serve our Clients better, we maintain up-to-date records of our work procedures which enable us to trouble-shoot quickly and effectively, thus providing speedy on-site solutions.

Our Operations Managers’ role includes quality management and customer satisfaction assurance. We are committed to continuously introducing quality improvements and generate greater customer satisfaction in the different segments of our services.


 Integrated M&E Facility Maintenance

E-TECH provide a wide range of M&E services which we customize to suit individual customer’s needs, in order to deliver the most effective solution. Our core business is making M&E jobs simple to facilitate enterprise operations and accelerate their growth. To add value to our service chain, we move one notch higher and provide consulting/technology integration.

As a system integrator, E-TECH sources for the best technology partners whose products/services can be leveraged with our M&E expertise and knowledge to make a vast difference to our customers’ business operations and bottom line. Individually, we are able to take on megaprojects or form a consortium with our strategic partners and manage turnkey contracts offering the complete spectrum of consulting, engineering, manufacturing, product and system integration and commissioning.

High Presure Jetting Services

As a product/service innovation, E-TECH invested in our latest offering of the high pressure jetting equipment, one of the very few offered by building maintenance service companies.

Chokes can disrupt business operations and frustrates buildings’ efficiency, often causing standstills to an entire installation. Now, there’s a much needed solution from E-TECH.  With our new technological acquisition, we are more than happy to provide 24-Hr Emergency Service to solve your chokes and blockages in awkward drainage systems and heavily constrained areas of buildings.

  • General Chokes and Blockages
  • Various Pipes Cleaning Applications
  • Sewer Drain Jetting
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Water/Wet Sandblasting
  • Water blasting/ Paint Removal
  • High Pressure Desalination

Integrated Facilities Maintenanace(IFM)

When it comes to premium Integrated Facilities Maintenance contracts for buildings, we have set the standard for excellence together with our special brand of service delivery excellence.  Our Team of professional engineers, technicians and specialists are fully committed to providing optimal solutions at most competitive rates. They will help our clients with all phases of your residential, commercial or industrial properties’ maintenance needs.  We have close to 30 years of hands-on experience in Integrated Facilities Maintenance for big and small contracts, satisfying even the most demanding and discerning clientele.


Tank Cleaning Service At Its Best

Tank cleaning has been one of our key business offerings and an important part of our total value chain. At E-TECH, our team of well exposed and enthusiastic technicians take their tank cleaning jobs seriously in tandem with changing trends of industry-driven needs and standards. We constantly beef up our tank cleaning operations in areas involving equipment, machinery, technology and training.

As our client, companies will benefit from our proven tank cleaning methods & strategies, best practices, tools and techniques, training programs and manpower services to satisfy all their tank cleaning specifications, be it regulatory, routine, or maintenance cleaning. Our experience in tank cleaning covers residential, commercial and industrial buildings of various magnitude.


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