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Shirley Teo

Shirley Teo Geok Bee

Chief Financial Officer / Director of Administration & HR

Shirley Teo is the driving force behind E-TECH Building Services. As the eldest of the Teo siblings, she was inspired to lead and spearhead much of the company’s business strategies and financial matters. Trained from a tender age to run a business from her entrepreneur father, she has a strong nose to sniff out even the most remote opportunities. With a protective nature, Shirley remains very close to her younger siblings, often going the extra mile to secure the best for them in any situation.

Shirley graduated with a Diploma in Business Administration, validated by the University of Oxford, UK. She entered the workforce as a Sales Coordinator in an American Multi National Corporation (MNC) and within 2 years, was promoted to Senior Sales Coordinator taking charge of both local & overseas markets. As E-TECH grew, Shirley was naturally roped in to help out in the burgeoning scope of business which now includes F&B and Hostel management. Once onboard, she took care of the Hostel sector as well as E-TECH’s Accounting and Finance Department.

Within the span of three short years, she expanded the Hostel business into a lucrative venture with two large sites with over 1,000 overseas students. Today, Shirley assumes the role of Chief Financial Officer and doubles up as Director of Administration and Human resource (HR). To prepare for her enlarged role, Shirley correspondingly enrolled for a series of WSQ (Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications) courses in Human Resources and a QEHS Internal Auditor Course.

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